Preparing Cattle to Thrive During Transition and Stress

Axiota® delivers best-in-class animal health products with proven modes of action that help manage risk and support cattle health, performance, and well-being across all stages of beef and dairy production.

Our Origins

Axiota® represents the core beliefs of our company, our people, and our products. These core beliefs are the foundation of Axiota Animal Health and guide our future expansion.

Axi suggests a sense of motion and intersection. The origin of Axiota® is two proven companies – MULTIMIN® USA and MS Biotec® – joining forces to serve the cattle industry around the world. This synergistic combination leverages both companies’ expertise in growing and expanding markets and in research and development.

Ota comes from biological science. Used in the naming of organisms, ota speaks to the origins of our products and their role in supporting vital biological functions in animals, resulting in improved health, welfare, and performance.

Axiota® is an intersection of committed people, proven products, and sound science providing assurance to customers and consumers by preparing cattle to thrive during transition and stress.

Our Vision

Axiota Animal Health is an innovative company that discovers, develops, and markets products for beef and dairy producers consistent with market and global consumer demands. Our non-antibiotic solutions prepare cattle for times of transition and stress and support producers’ goals of optimal health, performance, and animal well-being.

The current cattle product platforms are injectable trace minerals and native rumen microbes produced through anaerobic fermentation. Axiota® plans to expand both platforms to additional species and applications.

The importance of trace minerals – building blocks of the immune and reproductive systems

illustration showing trace minerals
MULTIMIN® USA is an innovator in sure trace mineral supply by timed injection and offers the proprietary injectable trace mineral solution, MULTIMIN® 90.

The importance of rumen health and development – critical for growth and production

MS Biotec® is a pioneer in anaerobic fermentation and rumen health. Our signature line of Lactipro® brand products deliver a patented strain of Megasphaera elsdenii, a potent lactic-acid utilizer.
illustration of a cow showing its rumen

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