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Multimin 90

Prescribing Information
Safety Sheet
IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION FOR MULTIMIN® 90: Federal law restricts the use of Multimin 90 to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. Not for use in humans; keep out of reach of children. Multimin 90 has a preslaughter withdrawal time of 14 days after injection. Always follow label dose; do not overdose. See prescribing information.

Your Best Shot at Strategic Trace Mineral Supplementation

Supports milk quality

Multimin® 90 (zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium injection) is a proven, one-of-a-kind solution to provide trace minerals. Strategic trace mineral supplementation with Multimin 90 supports udder health in early lactation cows,1 aids in the management of somatic cell counts,2 and supports the natural prevention of chronic clinical mastitis.3

Supports early lactation udder health

Trace minerals are critical for proper immune response and play an important role in udder health.3 While several factors such as environment, genetic traits, and other common stressors contribute to udder health, there is a correlation between a cow’s selenium levels and immune response,4 and consequently, with udder health.

In a university study,2 results showed the whole blood selenium concentration needed to support udder health was two times higher than the selenium concentration needed to maintain reproductive parameters.

Udder health concerns, such as mastitis, can also lead to economic losses. The average case of clinical mastitis in the United States costs a minimum of $400, including direct costs, such as therapeutics or non-saleable milk, and indirect costs, such as future production loss or reproductive loss.5


Aids management of somatic cell count

When assessing strategic trace mineral supplementation, a university study2 evaluated supplementation of zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium with Multimin 90 at dry-off, 30 days precalving, and 35 days in milk. In multi-lactation cows, injectable trace mineral supplementation significantly decreased linear somatic cell count scores two months after treatment in second-lactation cows. Compared to controls, linear SCC was decreased in months three, four, and five in cows after their second lactation.

Supports natural prevention of chronic clinical mastitis

University research results3 showed that trace mineral supplementation with a single injection of Multimin 90, when given to dairy cows with somatic cell counts greater than or equal to 200,000 cells/mL, significantly reduced incidence of chronic clinical mastitis in first lactation cows. Additionally, in cows with three or more lactations, there was a tendency for fewer incidences of subclinical mastitis (P = 0.08).
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