About Axiota

Axiota® Animal Health is an innovation-driven company that discovers, develops, and markets products for beef and dairy producers around the world. Axiota’s focus is to deliver superior, first-in-class products that are scientifically proven with known modes of action, provide measurable commercial efficacy and are accepted by consumers. Axiota’s non-antibiotic solutions prepare cattle to thrive during transition and stress and support producers’ goals of optimal health, performance, and animal well-being.

Axiota Product Solutions

Our current product platforms include precision trace mineral supplementation and next generation microbials produced through anaerobic fermentation. Axiota plans to expand both platforms in the future.

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How Axiota Started

Backed by leading food and agribusiness private equity investor, Paine Schwartz Partners, Axiota was formed in 2020 to create an animal health platform delivering breakthrough innovation meeting producer and consumer demands.

The name "Axiota" was selected to reflect the company’s origins and future direction.

“Axi” is a Greek root that means “worth and merit.” Our products offer value, are proven through the rigors of science, and are trusted by customers and consumers. “Axi” also suggests a sense of motion and intersection. Axiota’s technology platforms are at the intersection of animal health and nutrition, enabling breakthrough innovation that integrates both disciplines into customer solutions. “Axi” speaks to the origins of the organization as two proven companies — Multimin® and MS Biotec® — joined forces to serve the cattle industry around the world. This synergistic combination leverages both companies’ expertise in growing and expanding markets and in research and development.

“Ota” comes from biological science. Used in the naming of organisms, “ota” speaks to the origins of our products and their role in supporting vital biological functions in animals, resulting in improved health, welfare, and performance.

Since its formation, Axiota has made substantial investments in product development, manufacturing capabilities, sales force, clinical studies and registrations across the globe. Our significant progress to date enables the company to capture long-term growth opportunities in its existing markets, while opening up new markets and developing a pipeline to strengthen its position and maintain industry-leading growth and profitability over the near and long-term.