Corn Grazing

Lactic Acid Doesn’t Stand a Chance.

Lactipro® is a rumen-native probiotic consisting of a live, stable and naturally occurring proprietary strain of Megasphaera elsdenii (Mega e®) — a superior lactic acid utilizer. Lactipro helps cattle producers support healthy rumen pH through all phases of cattle development.

Weaning and receiving calves

Get calves off to a healthy start by populating the rumen with Mega e — weeks before they develop effective populations on their own. Lactipro provides a viable population of this superior lactic acid-utilizing bacteria directly to the rumen to help calves adapt to grain-based diets faster.


Grazing corn stalks is an effective way for beef producers to extend the grazing season and decrease reliance on other feed resources. The amount of grain left in the field is determined by plant variety, harvest efficiency and weather damage. Cattle are selective grazers and consume corn first, which can lead to grain overload and digestive problems. Utilizing Lactipro prior to turn-out provides peace of mind that cows’ rumens can adapt to graze crop residue.

Developing bulls

Seedstock producers invest significant time and money in developing young bulls for breeding season or sale. Higher energy diets help bulls reach the target body condition score and optimize the bull’s genetic potential for performance and growth. However, as bulls adapt to higher grain diets, digestive upsets can occur that impact rumen health and hoof quality (founder). Lactipro populates the rumen with Mega e to help bulls adapt to higher energy development diets.

Hospital use

Sick cattle often do not eat well, causing disruptions in rumen microbial populations including Mega e. When cattle feel better, they may overeat. This can cause an increase in lactic acid, reduction in rumen pH and digestive stress. Lactipro helps hospital cattle manage this digestive stress.
Other scenarios in sick cattle may present opportunities for Lactipro use. For example, symptoms of BRD and acidosis are similar, but If cattle don’t need additional treatment for BRD, Lactipro may be used to populate the rumen with Mega e.