Accelerated Step Up Beef

Fewer Hay Days. Better Pay Days.

For feedyards looking to safely accelerate cattle to the finishing ration in fewer steps, LactiproNXT® shortens the step-up period by 50% or more, resulting in less roughage used, fewer trips through the feedyard delivering starter rations, and improved feed efficiency.

What’s the ROI of shortening the step-up period with Lactipro?

Studies conducted in Kansas and Colorado, involving 9,107 cattle, demonstrated that shortening the step-up period resulted in fewer tons of step-up diets and total feed consumed.

Key findings (per thousand head):

  • 121 fewer tons of step-up rations fed.
  • 36 fewer tons of total feed — including 33 tons of roughage — consumed
These studies also demonstrated improved feed efficiency, due to reduction in feed intake and improvement in gain, resulting in a 5:1 return with today’s high feed costs.1
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What if you could increase the Mega e population faster?

The traditional step-up period takes 21 days or more because the normal population of lactic acid-utilizing bacteria in the rumen takes time to grow to handle high-grain diets. Megasphaera elsdenii (Mega e) is the most efficient lactic acid-utilizing bacteria in the rumen, but it takes time to build an adequate population.
Lactipro delivers an immediate, viable population of Mega e directly to the rumen — no waiting for the rumen to adapt.
This patented strain of Mega e was specifically selected because it grows rapidly in the rumen. It is one of the hardiest and most resilient strains at a wide pH range, and it produces beneficial butyric acid.
Butyric acid promotes epithelial cell growth and health and enables cattle to better absorb volatile fatty acids (VFAs) from the rumen.
Lactipro leads rumen fermentation in the right direction and allows feedyards to shorten the step-up by 50% or more.

What do Lactipro customers say?

"Lactipro allows us to get cattle on finish feed 10 days sooner. Cattle on feed for 110 days show like 120‑day cattle; that’s why we identify them with a Lactipro ear tag. I always sell these cattle first."

- Danny Herrmann

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1Assuming a feed cost of $425/ton.