Lactipro Dairy Solutions Transition Cows

Support Rumen Health Through Transition.

Lactipro® is a rumen-native probiotic consisting of a live, stable and naturally occurring proprietary strain of Megasphaera elsdenii (Mega e®) which consumes lactic acid and produces butyric acid. Lactipro supports rumen health through the transition period — one of the most challenging phases of a dairy cow’s life.

Although naturally occurring in the rumen, Mega e levels are reduced during the dry period due to the high roughage content in most dry cow diets. After freshening, cows must quickly increase intake of highly fermentable feedstuffs. This change can result in excess lactic acid accumulation and a reduction in rumen pH. Maintaining rumen health and stabilizing rumen pH is necessary for the cow to transition effectively into lactation.

How does Lactipro help improve rumen health and stabilize rumen pH?

Lactipro delivers Mega e directly to the rumen and it begins consuming lactic acid, which helps stabilize rumen pH. As Mega e consumes lactic acid, butyric acid is produced. Butyric acid is metabolized in epithelial cells that line the rumen and intestines. Millions of finger-like papillae in the rumen and villi in the intestines absorb nutrients. Butyric acid promotes epithelial cell growth and health. Healthier papillae and villi enable cattle to absorb more nutrients to support milk production.

A study1 conducted at the University of Kentucky evaluated the effects of Lactipro administration on reticulorumen pH of dairy cows following a challenge to induce sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA, pH <5.6).

Cows were drenched with Lactipro or distilled water on day 1 of the study (green box). On day 4, feed was reduced by 50%. Cows were given a challenge diet designed to induce SARA on day 5 (red box). Rumen pH was measured for the duration of the study.

Lactipro greater rumen pHLactiproLactipro SARA time shortened

Improved rumen health in hospital cows

Rumen health may be compromised in sick cows. Administering Lactipro to hospital cows ensures a viable population of Mega e is present to support healthy rumen function and stabilize rumen pH. Lactipro helps prepare cows to reenter the milking herd.

1Mazon, et al., 2020. Anim Feed Sci Technol., 261 (2020) 114404.