Cut Your Finishing Losses.

For feedyards looking to reduce post-terminal processing performance losses associated with stress, LactiproNXT® improves rumen health, helps deliver a consistent ROI and ensures a smoother transition back to full feed following terminal processing.

What’s the ROI of using Lactipro at terminal processing?

Axiota® recently conducted seven, large-pen feedyard studies to examine the use of Lactipro at terminal processing. Representing 154 randomized pens of cattle totaling 17,571 head, the studies evaluated post-terminal processing mortality.
  • The pooled analysis of the seven trials indicated the mortality rate of cattle given Lactipro at terminal processing was 36% less than control cattle.
  • With a late-day dead cost of $2,142 per animal, Lactipro administered at terminal processing provides a 2.5:1 ROI 90 days following terminal processing.

How does Lactipro help improve ruminal health?

Following the stress of terminal processing, rumen bacterial populations may be disrupted, resulting in lactic acid build up, pH reduction and potential health issues.
Lactipro contains Mega e®, a rumen-native bacteria cattle rely on to digest high-energy diets.
Mega e has unique properties that make it essential to rumen health. While other rumen microorganisms consume amino acids and simple sugars first, Mega e prefers lactic acid as its energy source.
As Mega e consumes lactic acid, it also produces beneficial volatile fatty acids (VFAs), such as butyric acid.
Butyric acid prompts epithelial cell growth and health and enables beef cattle to better absorb VFAs.

What do Lactipro customers say?

"We’ve been using Lactipro for the last five years. From our Lactipro research, what we saw was a significant reduction in the time it takes to get cattle back up on feed following terminal processing."

- Dr. Abram Babcock

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